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Joy Abbott Hall


The hall is a former church building which currently has pews and will hold up to a maximum of 250 people. There is a gallery which will hold another 50. The hall is entered by large doors at the front of the building where there is a foyer for ticket sales, reception etc. The hall has a raised area for performers where there is also situated an important vintage organ. Hiring the Joy Abbott Hall also gives you access to the whole of Friars Hall at the rear which includes toilets, kitchens and other facilities. It is therefore more than suitable for concerts, talks and large meetings. There is a good P.A. system and heating.

It must be understood that whilst the church is accessible to persons with disabilities, the gallery is reached by flights of stairs and the toilets are in Friars Hall and so wheelchair users and persons with mobility problems have to go outside the Joy Abbott Hall to reach the facilities.


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