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The Legal Bit

Terms & Conditions for Hirers
Data Protection Policy
Requirements When Using the Kitchen 


These form part of our contract with any hirer and so please do read them!

Hiring Rooms and Halls at Hive Community Hub  


Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction.

  • At HIVE (the Charity), we have tried to make our terms and conditions as straightforward as possible. However if you have any questions please feel free to discuss them with us before you agree to them.

  • Having  discussed  and  agreed  with us  your requirements  and  preferences  for  your event, the  terms and conditions set out below will apply.

  • The term ‘you’ or ‘your’ used below applies to the person or organisation whose name appears in the Booking Details below.

2.0 Terms and Conditions

  • We will keep your request open for 7 days from the date of our issuing this document and within this time you must confirm your booking by returning a signed copy of this document (and paying any monies due) which, when accepted by the Charity, will form the contract between us.  This can be sent by post (with a cheque made out to HIVE) or sent electronically, attached to an e-mail and payment made by bank transfer.

3.0 Cancellation

  • The Charity reserves the right to charge a ‘Cancellation Fee’, as cancellations may be costly to the Charity. Should you decide to cancel, please consider this clause carefully as the Charity may have to make the charge if your booking cannot be replaced.

  • The Charity will use its best endeavours to re-let the space but no guarantee can be given that this will be possible, especially when cancellation is at short notice.

  • Should you have any queries or require guidance please discuss matters with us. The following will be the Cancellation Fee:-

Date of Cancellation Cancellation charge payable

Between 8-6 weeks before the event date     20% of the total booking value

Between 6-4 weeks before the event date     40% of the total booking value

Between 4-2 weeks before the event date     60% of the total booking value

Between 2-1 week  before the event date      80% of the total booking value

Less than 1 week  before the event date        100% of the total booking value

The event date is the date of the first booking, or next due where multiple days have been booked.

3.1 Cancellation of an event booking by the Charity

The Charity may only cancel your booking if:-

  • You fail to pay all or any of the payment(s) required below.

  • Any part of the premises is closed or unavailable due to events beyond our control, particularly due to any Government restrictions.

  • You, become insolvent, or in the case of an individual, becomes subject to a bankruptcy petition.

  • You, or any persons associated with the event may, in the opinion of the Charity, detrimentally affect its reputation or put it in any danger of prosecution, claims or other actions.

  • The event may be, in the opinion of the Charity, unsafe, illegal or may detrimentally affect its reputation or put it in any danger of prosecution, claims or other actions.

  • The Charity reasonably believes that there has been fraud or that it has been misled regarding the purpose of the booking or the running of the event.

  • Any aspect of the booking which had not previously been declared to the Charity and which upon discovery, may pose a risk to the Charity or anyone concerned in the event.

In the event that the Charity has to cancel your booking, we will refund any advance payments made by you but you agree that we will not have any other liability to you whatsoever.

3.2 Cancellation of services/ vacating the room during the event irrespective of time

  • The Charity reserves the right to cancel or cease services and/or require you to vacate the premises if you have more than the permitted number in attendance at your event and/or your guests (which includes anyone attending your event) are behaving in a disorderly manner, or are potentially behaving so, or which is, or may be affecting neighbours, representatives of the Charity, or the local or wider public peace.

  • Disorderly conduct includes (but is not limited to) drunkenness, anti-social behaviour, aggression, refusing to stop playing music at a level that affects the surrounding area or causing damage to the premises.

  • In such circumstances:-

  • there will be no refund of any monies paid in advance

  • you will still be liable for any monies that are due

  • you will be liable for any damages to the Charity’s property (see later).

4.0 Number of Persons Attending Your Event

This booking has been made on your estimate of the number of people who you consider will attend your event and this is based on the maximum numbers that the Charity are permitted to allow in the area that you have booked.  You must not allow more people than the permitted number.

5.0 Payment

  • The Charity requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total value of the booking upon your returning a signed copy of this form.

  • The Charity may, at its discretion, require a deposit of £100 against any damage caused, or cleaning required as a result of the booking.  If no costs are incurred for such eventualities, the deposit will be refunded after the event

  • The balance of the payment for the booking is due no later than 7 days prior to the date (or the first or subsequent date) of the event(s).

  • For any hourly booking that has a specified time, each additional hour or part thereof will attract a charge of the hourly rate for the booking and an invoice for this will be sent to you and it should be paid within 14 days

  • For those organisations that book the same time slot each week, arrangements can be made for monthly payments, in advance via standing order.

  • If you are using any music for public performance that is copyrighted, the Charity will not be liable for any payments for its use and you must obtain a PRS licence, contact - 0800 086 8820 or or make your own arrangements for paying for the license.

  • If you intend serving alcohol e.g. for interval drinks at a concert you will need to obtain a temporary licence (TENs) from Babergh District Council at a cost of £21 per event.

6.0 Equipment

  • The whole of the premises are currently subject to a restriction that causes it to be an acoustic venue only and therefore no amplified music is allowed, save for the use of the PA equipment provided in The Joy Abbott Hall and the use of a domestic type CD type player in Friars Hall.

  • If we are to provide equipment at a cost, it is included in the details below.

  • Should you wish to bring your own equipment onto the premises you must ensure that it is safe to use. The Charity accepts no liability for any equipment you do bring onto the premises and we would ask you to comply with all regulations concerning that equipment, including having electronic items PAT tested and display a current label.

  • For any third party contractors (e.g. performers, speakers, trainers etc.) that you have organised to come on to the premises, you must ensure that they also follow this condition and you will be liable for them and for any breaches.

  • The Charity reserves the right to require you to produce copies of electrical testing certificates for any such equipment.

  • If you have any queries, we will be happy to help.

7.0 Risk Assessment, Insurance & Safeguarding

  • You must carry out a suitable Risk Assessment for your event (including, where applicable, any assessment required by Government as a result of any pandemic).

  • You must ensure that anyone who attends your event (you, your guests, third party contractors etc) is aware of such risk assessment and that you put into operation any control measures required by it.

  • You (and any third party contractor brought onto the premises by you) must have a current, suitable Public Indemnity Insurance for the event.

  • For your own protection we also suggest that you take out some form of cancellation insurance.

  • If the booking requires any form of safeguarding children or adults at risk of abuse, the Charity requires you to submit your policy for this, prior to the event.

  • The Charity reserves the right to require you to produce a copy of any document outlined above.

8.0 Fire Safety

  • You must ensure that anyone who attends your event (you, your guests, third party contractors etc) is made aware of the fire exits and procedures for evacuation (details of which can be seen on the Fire Safety signs around the premises) and does nothing that may cause a fire.

  • You will not allow any sources of ignition (e.g. barbecues, fireworks etc) to be used on the premises or surrounding area.

  • In the event of discovery of a fire or gas leak, you must immediately inform the emergency services and organise the evacuation of the premises, informing the Charity as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • You will only allow anyone to use a fire extinguisher if the fire is a minor one and they are trained to use the equipment - which must not be mis-used.

  • You must ensure that you do not block any Fire Exit, Escape Route, stairs or corridors at any time during the booking.

9.0 Data Protection

Please note that the Charity will store your personal information securely on their computer system for such time as shall be reasonable but not exceeding 2 years and it will not share such information with any third parties

10.0 Setting Up, Cleanliness and Damage

  • The premises booked must be left in a thoroughly clean, orderly state on completion of the booking. 

  • You are responsible for setting up any tables and chairs used and also, at the end of the booking, putting them back from where they were taken.

  • If the kitchen is used, you must provide your own tea-towels and dishcloths and leave the room in a clean state with all surfaces thoroughly cleaned. 

  • All your equipment must be removed at the end of the booking and you are responsible for removing your own rubbish

  • Without express permission from the Charity, no materials or articles of any description are to be fixed to any surface in the premises by way of adhesive (including ‘Blu Tack’ or the like) and no nails, screws or tacks are to be driven into any part of the building.

  • No alterations must be made to any electrical or gas fitting in the premises nor any changes be made to the heating controls from their original settings.

  • Any damage or breakages to, or loss from the premises, or to the approaches howsoever caused during the booking, must immediately be reported to the Charity.

  • You will be required to make good, at your own expense, all such damage, breakages or loss.

  • In the event of your failing to do so within two days of the occurrence, you hereby irrevocably authorise the Charity to make good such damage, breakage or loss and you hereby indemnify the Charity against all costs, charges and expenses in respect thereof and will make payment to the Charity within 14 days of receiving an invoice for the relevant amount.

11.0 Liability

  • The Charity does not accept any liability for any items brought onto the premises by you, your guests or third party contractors and you should ensure the security of these items throughout the booking.

  • Save in the event of negligence by the Charity, the Charity does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury (direct or consequential) which may be incurred by, or be done to, or happen to, any person or persons using the premises during your booking, or for any loss due to any breakdowns of machinery or failure of services.

  • You agree to indemnify the Charity in respect of any claim arising from the booking for loss, damage or injury.

  • If you require to use the kitchen, you do so at your own risk and the Charity accepts no liability for this use and if you are having anyone prepare food they must have a suitable Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate. The kitchen should not be used for the cooking of food though hot drinks and cold food may be served.

12.0 Other

  • You agree that you are not acting on behalf of someone else whose details are not on this form and that you are solely responsible for the booking and the event.

  • This contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

  • Any term in this contract that shall be found to be unenforceable shall not affect the whole of the contract and all other clauses shall remain in force.

  • The Charity reserves the right to alter or amend any of these terms and conditions without requiring permission from you but will advise you of any such changes, prior to your booking.

Data Protection Policy


When you apply to hire any of our rooms, you will consent to us using your personal informatioin as follows:-

We will only ask you for the basic personal information to enable us to provide you with the service that you require. When you provide such data to us, we will store it securely on a computer system for such time as shall be reasonable but not exceeding 2 years, unless you are continuing to use our services.

We will never share such information with any third parties, or use it for any purposes other than to communicate with you regarding your requests, or unless you requerst it, to inform you of any relevant information regarding the Hub.

Requirements When Using the Kitchen 

  • We do not provide any supervision of the kitchen which is used totally at the hirer’s own risk

  • The kitchen is only to be used for basic food preparation and service, it is not to be used for preparation of hot food

  • You will ned to bring your own tea towels, dishcloths etc as none are provided

  • Take care when using hot water, check the temperature as it could scald

  • If there is any spillage of liquid, it should be cleared up immediately

  • You are permitted to use the cutlery and crockery provided but must wash up, dry and put away all used items

  • If electrical appliances are brought onto the premises for use, they must be suitably PAT Tested and removed when leaving

  • Take care when moving the shutters from the kitchen to the halls and replace them when finished

  • If the fridge is used, ensure that it is empty when leaving

  • Ensure that the kitchen is in a clean and tidy state when leaving

  • If you have found any item that is in need of repair, or if any damage has been done to any item or the actual kitchen, report it immediately to the number at the top of this website

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